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Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement

Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement

A Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement is an option for taxpayers that owe more than $50,000 or who otherwise don’t qualify for a streamlined/guaranteed installment agreement.


Unlike a Streamlined or Guaranteed Installment Agreement, you must provide a Collection Information Statement (CIS) to determine your ability to pay and your monthly payment amount.

Your ability to pay is based on the following factors:

  • Equity in your assets (after factoring in certain exemptions)
  • The difference between your monthly income and allowable monthly expenses
  • Monthly expenses for Food, Clothing, & Miscellaneous, Housing and Utilities, Transportation (Vehicle ownership and operating costs), and Out-of-Pocket health care are limited by National, State, and County standards.


Depending on your situation, it sometimes makes sense to use your equity to pay down your IRS balance to less than $50,000 so that you can obtain a Streamlined Installment Agreement for the remaining balance.


If you have no equity, or your equity does not reduce your balance to below $50,000, than your monthly payment will be based on the difference between your monthly income and your IRS allowable monthly expenses.


Unlike Streamlined Installment agreements, Non-Streamlined Installment Agreements DO NOT prevent the filing of a Federal Tax Lien.


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